short films about mindfulness & emotional regulation:
what to do with strong feelings
how mindfulness empowers us

best tool ever for reviews of everything digital plus tips and tools for use: common sense media

app to help with screen time management for adults: self control app

enabling “guided access” on an iPhone: enabling guided access

parental controls/setting your browser for safe family use:
browser hacks for increased safety
everything you need to know about parental controls

family media use contracts:  contracts for kids of all ages

parental control apps:
net nanny
our pact
screentime labs
teen safe

kid friendly search engines:  search engines for kids reviews & resources

body image and the media:
for children
for adults

popular youtube game tutorial celebs: click here

best resource for information about and help with porn: fight the new drug

videos to use for educational purposes:
texting while walking
pokemon go
pokemon go in real life
how snapchat killed facebook
ikea's book book
kinder: the world's first play dating app