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about doreen

doreen is a person (who happens to have a doctorate and 23 years of experience working in private practice with individuals and groups). she is a reluctant “geek,” spending inordinate amounts of time interacting with scholarly research, tech trends, and pop culture around the topic of technology and how the digital domain is shaping us. she is passionate (truly...passionate!!) about engaging people around this topic and that passionate energy pours forth regardless of who she is with. physicians, school districts, mental health workers, business executives, middle schoolers, attorneys, high schoolers, educators, and steel workers (among many others) have all invited her to speak at their gatherings. her talks are fast paced, anchored by high quality research, packed with illuminative video, stimulating audio, and lots and lots of opportunities for kinesthetic engagement. far from being technology phobic or averse, she works to bring a balanced view of the new realities working to inspire people to become moderate and well informed (not abstinent) in their tech engagement.

doreen maintains a blog filled with topics ranging from technology to empathy to how to live a fiery, complex, and embodied life. her work can also be found in the books "just moms: conveying justice in an unjust world" and "face to face: cultivating kids' social lives" as well as in academic journals and popular press materials such as geez and psychology for living magazines.

doreen loves going barefoot, exploring big cities, black coffee, thinking deeply, the color red, dancing, documentaries, art, silence, and people. especially people.

doreen dodgen magee, psy.d.
9 monroe pkwy, ste 280
lake oswego, oregon 97035

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