Who is Doreen?

doreen dodgen-magee, psy.d. is an award winning author, speaker, & psychologist. she has traveled the globe researching and speaking about how technology affects our brains and bodies, our relationships, and the development of our sense of self. she is the author of deviced! balancing life and technology in a digital world which was awarded the 2019 gold nautilus prize for psychology. doreen spends her time thinking about how boredom, inconvenience, and discomfort might just serve as perfect muses worthy of moderating our technology use for. she loves strong coffee, dancing, her meditation cushion, and people…especially people. she lives in portland, oregon.



doreen is a flexible presenter who grounds exceptional peer reviewed research in her fast-paced, audience centric, multi media driven lectures. she holds the attention of middle schoolers through senior citizens in both professional and more informal settings. she offers “emphasis week” lectures on college campus’, inservice and continuing education trainings, retreats, as well as community talks. 

doreen would love to custom create something for your group around the topics of:

- the impact of technology on human functioning.
- learning the art of thriving in a technology drenched, always available world.
- learning to pause and develop a healthy sense of self.
- multiple intelligences.
- healthy inter-generational functioning.
- and more...

deviced cover

deviced!: balancing life and technology in a
digital world

“this educational, encouraging book leaves its audience with a plethora of helpful suggestions.”

- publishers weekly (2018)

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available webinars

How Families Can Moderate Their Technology Use

What we give our attention to is what we value, and in most homes technology has become king of the mountain. Adults aged 35-49 watch an average of 33 hours of television each week. About half of teenagers say they are addicted to their mobile device, and young children are using electronics for about five of their waking hours each weekday.

As parents, we must actively make choices about technology for our children. We can’t let our kids’ classmates, the latest trends, or the surrounding culture dictate how much of our family’s attention ought to be devoted to apps, websites, and digital streaming.

Technology: How it Shapes Our Brains, Relationships & Sense of Self

The average American over the age of 14 engages with screens more than 10 hours a day. These statistics show that the topic of our growing dependence on technology applies to nearly everyone. While the effects differ at each point of development, real changes to the brain, relationships, and personal lives are well documented.

Doreen Dodgen-Magee explores these alterations and offers a realistic look at how we can better use technology and break away from the bad habits we’ve formed in this first of a three-part online workshop series.

what folks are saying

dr. dodgen-magee worked all the angles—establishing a helpful historical, social, and psychological framework before offering graceful counsel and encouragement
— richard cohen, m.d.
with her fast-paced, multi-media-based, and always entertaining talks, dr. dodgen-magee delights, enlivens, and incites those lucky enough to be in her presence.
— don opitz, ph.d.
dr. doreen dodgen-magee spoke for two hours concerning technology and its impact on our families. it was designed for parents. my parents didn’t go. i did go. amazing! i love listening to doreen!! so much information that even though i’m still a kid i can find ways to help myself out...
— lindy, age 14