Everyday Graduations (plus a Commencement Address)

Graduations happen every day. Sometimes they are recognized with ceremonies and celebrations and sometimes they are not. Often they are marked with smiles and sighs, relief and pride, family and friends gathered around to witness the calling of names and moving of tassels. Other times they are filled with pressure and disappointments and grief. The sting of missing out on the valedictorian position by one one hundredth of a point, of having no one present to bear witness to the moment, or the feeling that whatever it is that is being completed doesn’t really matter, that it is, somehow, “less than” and not worthy of any pomp or circumstance at all.

how to (and not to) respond to tragedies caused by guns and hatred

I want, like everything in me, to be able to write specifically about the mass shooting in New Zealand. As it happens, however, today doesn’t offer me the space or time to do so. Instead, I’m offering, here, links to blog posts I’ve written in the past about how to respond to tragedy’s like yesterday’s. In a perfect world I could add to them all some comments about how particularly and specifically lethal weapons are in the hands of white supremacists and other individuals driven by hatred, rigidity, and ultimately, fear of otherness.

KonMari for the Mind (Tips for Decluttering Your Internal Home)

Everywhere I turn these days, someone is talking about “Tidying Up.” The first time this happened was in 2014 when Marie Kondo’s infamous book hit shelves and the Minimalist podcast captured the imagination of a country whose citizens love their stuff. In the grocery store line I’d overhear roommates and partners jokingly ask each other, “But does this extra large flat of toilet paper bring you joy?” and at Ikea I’d watch as people pulled meticulously folded garments out of their backpacks to see if they fit properly in drawer organizers. Now that the Netflix Original series is out, it’s happening all over.