doreen was really good! Not only was material spot on helpful, up to date, and comprehensive, but she did fantastic anticipatory sets and humanized the issue with her own struggle. She’s the perfect person for this - relevant and hip while informed and cautionary. Very grateful. Thank you. - Workshop Participant









doreen is a flexible presenter who grounds exceptional peer reviewed research in her fast-paced, audience centric, multi media driven lectures. she holds the attention of middle schoolers through senior citizens in both professional and more informal settings. she offers “emphasis week” lectures on college campus’, inservice and continuing education trainings, retreats, as well as community talks. 

doreen would love to custom create something for your group around the topics of:

  • the impact of technology on human functioning.
  • learning the art of thriving in a technology drenched, always available world.
  • learning to pause and develop a healthy sense of self.
  • multiple intelligences.
  • healthy inter-generational functioning.
  • and more...

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