doreen is a flexible presenter who grounds exceptional peer reviewed research in her fast-paced, audience centric, multi media driven lectures. she holds the attention of middle schoolers through senior citizens in both professional and more informal settings. she offers “emphasis week” lectures on college campus’, inservice and continuing education trainings, retreats, as well as community talks. 

doreen would love to custom create something for your group around the topics of:

  • the impact of technology on human functioning.
  • learning the art of thriving in a technology drenched, always available world.
  • learning to pause and develop a healthy sense of self.
  • multiple intelligences.
  • healthy inter-generational functioning.
  • and more...

For Booking Requests, please send email to

some offerings from the past are below:


be. still. know.  (full or half day retreat) 

includes information on healthy brain function, multiple intelligences, the discovery of self limiting patterns, and training regarding developing an ability to pause, deeply reflect, and act with intention. emphasis placed on mindfulness meditation or contemplative prayer (based on audience) with built in solo time and closed with experiential stations designed to apply the day’s learning and send retreatants off with a deeper experience and understanding of themselves.

rewriting the sentence.  (weekend or two day retreat options)

doreen provides up to 10 hours of teaching for your retreat on the topic of how our self statements and habits shape our lives. information regarding healthy brain function, multiple intelligences, self enhancing and self limiting internal dialogue, and relational health is provided. skills are taught and opportunities are given to learn the practices of pausing, mindfulness meditation or contemplative prayer. creative exploration is encouraged as doreen brings many experiential elements to your retreat for your retreatants to get active with and engage. these retreats are tailored to your unique needs.

plugged in (see description below under youth workers)

university emphasis week offerings:

your brain on technology

create a movement of students engaging in technology use thoughtfully by bringing doreen to your campus for a day or two of classroom lectures, campus wide talks, meal time talk backs, or interactive powered off creation zones. up to the minute, research based information regarding the impact of technology use on the brains, relationships, and sense of self of students is provided alongside of ideas for how to minimize negative effects and engage with technology with greater intentionality.

faith and technology

for faith-based institutions, doreen can tailor a series of talks and student interaction sessions around the topic of how technology is shaping the young adult experience individually and corporately. discourse regarding how  over-use of technology impacts the spiritual life is presented alongside teaching regarding how to disengage from tech habits and re-engage in one’s spiritual growth with greater fervor and meaning. options for one to three day experiences exist with chapel talks, applied learning ideas to be implemented before or during doreen’s campus visit, interactive “powered off zone/hands on procrastination station” area hosted by doreen, and other possible elements (think everything from flash mobs to brown bag talk backs).

offerings for psychologists, physicians, therapists, business professionals, churches, and civic communities (1 & 3 hour continuing education offerings):

the intergenerational work “family:” getting along with everyone at the table

thorough covering of boomers, gen x, and gen y team members followed by tips for how to enhance communication, understanding, norm setting, and performance in intergenerational work teams.

who, what, when, where, y:  working with generation y and z

help for professionals in understanding their patients/clients born between 1977 & 2013. strategies for connecting and working with these amazing young adults.plugged in: the neurological, relational, and personal

impact of technology-only entertainment

detailed research regarding impact of over-use of technology on brain, relationships, and self concept/function. strategies for making use reduction family plans given.

nine kinds of smart: finding your light switch

fast paced, research based presentation of multiple intelligences with heavy emphasis placed on finding your own unique best way of learning, relating, and interacting with information, people, and the world. practical applications and tips offered plentifully.

can you hear me now: the art and practice of listening well

based on research that predicts malpractice claims based on vocal tone and inflection emphasis is paid to all forms of listening and communicating with our patients. this workshop is very experiential and practical.

the architecture of therapy: establishing and maintaining efficacious therapeutic norms

attention given toward how to establish therapy norms to enhance long term effectiveness in psychotherapy practice.

the launch: successful transition from graduate school to professional practice

offerings for educators (1 & 3 hour continuing education offerings):

communication a, b, c’s for teachers: effective communication in and out of the classroom

information regarding how to attend to students, co-workers, and parents in meaningful ways. special attention paid to listening and conflict management skills as well as empathy building.

nine kinds of smart: multiple intelligences in the classroom

detailed information regarding each of the nine forms of intelligence plus plentiful ideas for how to give opportunities for all kinds of learners in the classroom.

teaching self regulation to help with learning

offerings for youth workers (1 hour, 3 hour, and retreat options):

plugged in (see above description)

for youth workers this workshop can be presented as a one time three hour presentation or can be given as a retreat with emphasis given to gen y dynamics, impact of technology over use, and how to effectively engage in counter cultural role modeling with adolescents and young adults. extensive information regarding multiple intelligences is included. for christian groups opportunities for worship through the nine kinds of smart can be integrated.

offerings for general audiences (1 hour & 3 hour offerings):

does giving life mean losing mine?

self care and parenting

how children change a marriage

nine kinds of smart: multiple intelligences applied (see above description)

can you hear me now?  the art of listening well (see above description)

plugged in: the neurological, relational, and personal impact of technology-only entertainment (see above description)


former corporate/educational clients:

ACSI, seattle, washington & portland, oregon

biola university, la mirada, california

CAPS, international

clatsop county juvenile department

community of network parenting

dallas theological seminary

denver theological seminary

george fox university, newberg, oregon

good samaritan hospital, portland, or

gymboree, inc.

heritage park professionals of illinois

john brown university, siloam springs, arkansas

le tourneau university, long view, texas

loyola university, baltimore, maryland

malone university, canton, ohio

meridian park hospital, tualatin, oregon

northwest yearly meeting of friends, oregon/washington/idaho

nurse practitioners of oregon

parent child preschool organization of oregon

philhaven hospital, pennsylvania

rosemead school of psychology, la mirada, oregon

oregon city school district

oregon education association

oregon nurses association

oregon psychiatric association

oregon psychological association

sbu, bolivar, missouri

sherwood school district

timothy school district, chicago, il

washington county youth and family services, hillsboro, oregon