private practice

doreen is honored to get to work with wonderful, curious, and growing individuals in her psychotherapy practice. she has done this work for 26 years with adults confronting anxiety and depression, loss, changes and transitions in life, and more. she believes that the therapeutic relationship provides a learning lab of sorts where unresolved issues, current needs and discontents, and relational disappointments can be unearthed and worked through. her training is in psychodynamic/object relations psychotherapy and she currently practices from this model, integrating whole body awareness and mindfulness as is fitting. her practice is limited to individuals in the portland oregon surrounds and is currently closed to new clients. she is open, however, to helping you find the most fitting therapist and can be reached at to do so.


doreen does periodic consulting with individuals, businesses, couples, and families around the issue of technology use. these sessions focus on assessment of current technology engagement with an emphasis on creating healthy use plans that balance embodied engagement with life in strategic and specific ways. to inquire about these consultations, please email doreen at