How to Spend Yourself on International Women's Day (Quick, Easy, and Do-able Ideas for Action)

We all have an afternoon and evening to plan how we’ll honor International Women’s Day (which is tomorrow). I will be doing so by meeting with women I respect and admire throughout the day then volunteering at Rahab’s Sisters in the evening. I’m going to paste rahab’s mission statement below because it is deeply inspiring to me and i hope it will be to you as well.

love for self and a call to action (re-post from 2/14/17)

it’s february 14th, valentine’s day, aka one of my favorite days of the year, and i am sitting alone in a candle lit home gazing at my light box sign. on it i’ve lettered, “love is an active noun.” this is a summation of a favorite quote of mine penned by my hero/mentor/north star, mr. rogers.

Why Everyone Should Give Non-Tech Toys as Holiday Gifts (with suggestions)

The holiday gift giving season is upon us. Never before have we been offered the ease of procuring whatever we want to give to whomever we want. Online retailers deliver unique items to our doorstep at all hours of the day and night with the slightest bit of effort on our part. We have access to a staggeringly expansive selection of all manner of items to give but we still often end up purchasing the most touted and “pushed to the top of our Amazon queue” items.